CoilMaster P-Bag


The PBag from Coil Master is the perfect pouch specifically designed to hold your everyday mod, e-liquid and vaping accessories. Built with ample room to spare, this handy pouch can carry even the largest of box mods up to several tube-shaped mods if you’re the type who enjoys carrying a variety of devices while on the go.

The PBag also sports an exterior zippered pouch perfect for holding small accessories like tools, extra wick, and coils and even an extra tank or RDA. This pouch is made out of sturdy canvas material and is available in a variety of stylish colors for a vape holder that will surely last you for many years to come.Don’t carry around your devices and other daily vape needs loosely in your pocket. Keep them safe and protected in a handy PBag Mod Holder by Coil Master. The PBag is the perfect solution by keeping all of your daily-carry vape needs organized and stored securely in its roomy and durable pockets.

The PBag from Coil Master is made from high-quality canvas that is tightly weaved making for a durable and sturdy pouch that is made to last. The PBag is equipped with three roomy pockets with ample room to house all of your daily vaping equipment.

The largest pocket is built to house a box mod device with room enough to fit even the biggest of devices, the side pocket is perfect for your favorite bottle of e-liquid, which has a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about the bottle slipping out. The third front pocket has a zipper closure to securely stow small vape accessories like an extra tank, RDA, coils, wick, etc.

Durable, stylish and built for the security of your daily vaping gear, the PBag Mod Holder by Coil Master is a definite must-have for any user who is constantly vaping while on the go.

Coil Master PBag Mod Holder Features:

Stylish & Vibrantly Colored

High-Quality Canvas

Durable Zipper Closure

Two Belt-Loop Attachments

Equipped with Steel Loop for Carabiner or Lanyard Clips

Secure Pocket for Box Mods & Tube-Shaped Mods

Small Pouch for E-liquids

Exterior Zippered Pocket for Accessories

Coil Master PBag Specs:

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 109.9mm x 89.9mm x 34.8mm

Coil Master PBag Includes:

(1) Coil Master PBag