We are launching same/next day delivery!

Please have your order placed and paid for by 10am to have your order shipped out the same day, orders placed after 10am will be going out the next business day (Monday - Friday) (Weekends coming soon)

You will be provided tracking for estimated times on delivery, please be home and have your identification ready (19+). Orders will not be left at front porch or mail box, you must be home to receive the package.

(The name on the order MUST MATCH the name on your identification, drivers will not release package if the name is incorrect or another person tries to receive the delivery)

All fees related to the order that are returned to sender due to not meeting age requirements (19+), will NOT receive a refund.

If you place an order outside of the shipping zone, you will be contacted for the changes that need to be made to your order. 

(shipping through other means)


(Contact us to confirm postal code)

Cookstown - Bradford - Holland Landing - Queensville - Newmarket - Aurora - Vaughan - Stouffville 

Markham - Richmond Hill - King City - Schomberg - Palgrave - Bolton - Milton - Georgetown - Mississauga - Oakville 

Burlington - Hamilton - Dundas - Ancaster - Stoney Creek - Winona - Waterloo

(L1V* - L9B*)

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